Finance and Accountancy Faculty

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It was created in 1920 as a “Finance and Administrative” Faculty - one of the first two faculties of the former Free University for Political and Economic Studies. Twenty years later it became a Financial Department (within the Higher School of Finance and Administrative Sciences), and in 1947 the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences was established (at Sofia State University). The birthday of the present Faculty, however, is considered the year 1952 (when the Higher Institute of Economics “K. Marx” was created), when it got the name “Finance and Accounting” Faculty. In 1995, with a decision of the Academic Council, it was established as one of the seven Faculties of UNWE.

The Faculty Council consists of 37 members, including 4 professors, 24 associate professors, 4 senior assistants, 1 PhD and 4 students.

The Faculty has three Departments::

  • "Finance";
  • "Accounting and Analysis;
  • "Financial Control".

The Faculty trains students in Bachelor’s and Master's and PhD.

In the Faculty Specialties students acquire basic and applied knowledge in the fields of: corporate finance, public finance, banking, insurance, accounting and analysis of financial and non-financial enterprises, financial sector control, control over state revenues and auditing.

Faculty graduates can work as financiers, accountants, auditors in the local and central authorities, independent auditors and economists at all levels of management in enterprises and public administration.