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21st international conference: «Actual problems of modern science and their solutions»

четвъртък, 17 декември 2015 15:02 /
петък, 25 декември 2015 22:00
Moscow, Russia
Dear colleagues!
The editors of the Eurasian Scientific Union invite you to take part in the 21st international conference:  
«Actual problems of modern science and their solutions»
Adoption of articles is effected till: 25.12.2015.
Admission of payment receipts: 26.12.2015.
The journal mailing date to authors: 29.02.2016.
Post date of the journal in electronic form on a website: 29.01.2016.
Form of participation in conference: extramural.
Our indexes:
You can read more about our organization and events on our website or in informational letter. You can get acquainted with the previous issues of journals at the special web page of our site or at issuu.com
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that after the end of the conference each author will receive a copy of the journal and a certificate confirming his participation
We’ll be happy to meet you among the participants of our conferences!
Best regards: Karkushin Dmitriy Petrovich – the person responsible for publication of the conference works
Publishing house address:  Moscow, Luzhnetskaya quay 2/4, office №17, 119270 Russia
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