Faculty of Applied Informatics and Statistics

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The Faculty is established by the Council of Ministers Decree № 229 of September, 16th, 2008, Art. 32, paragraph 1, item 1 of the Higher Education Act (State Gazette, iss. №83/16.09.2008) in relation to Decision № 2/06.02.2008 of the Academic Council of UNWE. Untill that date the Departments of the Faculty have been a part of the Faculty of Management and Informatics, established on May, 31st, 1995.

Faculty of Applied Informatics and Statistics conducts training relevant to the current trends in the field of science and practice. A specific feature of the training is the acquisition of necessary knowledge, skills and practices as well as the knowledge of relevant tools for the application of science in solving the practical tasks and in conduction of scientific researches. Evidence for it are the academic plans and programmes that students are trained as also the scientific researches involving lecturers and students. The systems of high technologies are used at the Faculty not only in the educational process but as well as a learning tool.

At the Faculty of Applied Informatics and Statistics are trained students in the professional field of Economics. The departments are:

  • Information Technologies and Communications with section of Economics and Communications Management
  • Statistics and Econometrics
  • Mathematics

The academic body consists of 53 lecturers:

  • 5 Professors
  • 20 Associate Professors and all of them have acquired educational academic degree of Doctor
  • 3 Chief Assistants that have acquired educational academic degree of Doctor
  • 25 Assistants

At the Departments are trained students for educational qualification degree of Bachelor (regular form of study) in three specialties:

  • Business Informatics
  • Economics of Communications
  • Statistics and Econometrics

The training of students for educational qualification degree of Master is accomplished by the following Master`s degree programmes:

  • Business Informatics
  • Business Intelligence Systems
  • Economics of Communications
  • Systems for Resources Management of the Enterprise
  • Statistics and Econometrics

The vision of the Faculty of Applied Informatics and Statistics is to prepare in all its disciplines and levels of training a kind of highly educated people with knowledge and skills that answer the requirements of the institutions not only in Bulgaria but also in the other member states of European Union. Graduates at the Departments of the faculty during the recent decades, their professional realization worldwide, their consolidated presence in Bulgarian industry and their responsible institutional positions confirm their high level of professionalism.

In line with the current needs of life, theory and practice the Faculty of Applied Informatics and Statistics prepares professionals with specific applied skills and knowledge in the field of high technologies and scientific methods for solving any scientific and applied tasks.