Business Faculty

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The Business Faculty was created in 1949. In 1991 it was restructured into a Department, and in 1995 its faculty structure was restored again.

The Faculty trains students in the educational-qualification degrees Bachelor and Master in "Economics of Industry", "Business Economics, Economics of Real Estate", " Agrarian Business", "Eco-economics" and "Entrepreneurship".

The Faculty Departments also train PhDs in the scientific disciplines of “Economics and Management” (by sectors) and "Organization and Management of Production" (by sectors and subsectors).

The academic staff of the Faculty includes 52 teachers, out of whom, 27 are habilitated (four professors and twenty-three associate professors) and 25 are non-habilitated. The four professors are doctors of economic sciences, and twenty-eight other representatives of the academic staff have PhDs in economics.

The main mission of the Business Faculty is:

To ensure the training of students and PhDs in accordance with the modern achievements of science and the requirements of business practice as well as with the established EU standards.

Students get knowledge and acquire skills to perform managerial, management, marketing and financial research and consulting activities in organizations and enterprises with different forms of ownership, operating under different legal forms in different sectors, subsectors and activities of the national economy.

All lecturers in the Faculty carry out research work too, whose results are used in the training process of students and in business.

The Faculty maintains intensive contacts with industry and with similar Faculties in other countries.