Faculty of Management and Administration

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Its most recent history began on May 31, 1995, when the Academic Council of the UNWE created the Faculty of “Management and Informatics”. With a decree № 229 of the Council of Ministers from September 16, 2008 (SG. 83/16.09.2008) it was closed and two new Faculties were opened: “Management and Administration” and “Applied Informatics and Statistics”. The two newly established UNWE Faculties became fact after their General Assemblies on November 11th 2008.

“Management and Administration” Faculty trains students in two professional fields:Economics and Administration and Management. This combination is extremely significant in the context of current developments in science and education – the existence of areas of transfusion between different fields of knowledge, which are the biggest challenge in modern world. The ambition of the faculty team is to "fill" the areas of transfusion with modern content. Evidence for this are both the curricula and the programs according to which students are trained, and the research, involving lecturers and students.

The Faculty Departments are (in alphabetical order):

  • „"Marketing and Strategic Planning”
  • „"Public Administration and Regional Development”
  • "Management"

The academic staff includes 51 teachers:

  • 7 professors, out of which: 2 Doctors of Economic Sciences, 1 Doctor of Sociological Sciences and 4 Doctors in Economics
  • 18 Associate Professors - all with Doctor’s degree
  • 16 Assistant Professors, out of which 12 with Doctor’s degree
  • 1 Senior assistant with Doctor’s degree
  • 9 Assistants

The Departments train students in Bachelor’s degree (full-time) in five specialties:

  • "Business Administration"
  • "Marketing"
  • "Forecasting and Planning"
  • "Public Administration”
  • "Regional Development "

The training in "Master’s degree is realized by the following Master programs:

  • Business Administration – regular/full-time and distance learning
  • Business Administration with specialization in Health Management - distance learning
  • Business Administration with specialization in Quality Management - full-time
  • Marketing – full-time and distance learning
  • Forecasting and Planning - full-time
  • Public Administration - full-time and distance learning

In line with the vision and mission of UNWE, the mission of the Faculty of “Administration and Management” is to train highly educated young people in all disciplines and levels of training, in order to acquire knowledge and skills that meet the requirements of the institutions not only in Bulgaria but also in other Member States of the European Union. An irrefutable evidence for our success is the realization of our graduates, who hold significant positions in the central and local government bodies in Bulgaria, who work with financial institutions and business organizations at home and abroad (including the World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, etc.), who do science, both in Bulgaria and abroad (e.g. in Michael Porter’s Institute).

The coexistence of the two professional fields in the Faculty can be described by Robert Reich’s words in his book "Work of Nations (how to prepare for the capitalism of XXI century)": In the old economy of mass production a "professional" was the one who has mastered a particular field of knowledge. The knowledge already existed, ready to be learnt. It was recorded in dusty books or was encoded in precise rules and formulas ... But in the new economy - crowded with undifferentiated problems, undiscovered solutions and untested methods connecting them – the possession of knowledge is far from enough ... Experts can often scoop certain piles of knowledge with one tap of the computer keys. Facts, laws, formulas and rules are easily available. What is much more important is ability to effectively and creatively use the knowledge."

At the end, we do not say "Goodbye" but "See you soon" at the Faculty of “Management and Administration”!